Founded in 2022, Salam Cinema is Sweden’s only independent Iranian and West Asian film festival.  We are dedicated to screening films from the region that are reflective of the rich diversity within storytelling. We take great care to curate programmes that include voices and points of view that have been traditionally quieted – those who identify as women or adopt the female gaze, rural and ethnic minorities, members of the LGBTQ community and non government sanctioned filmmakers are all welcome.

We host film events reflective of the warmth in our cultural heritage, while also bringing the unique contributions of diaspora artists, especially Nordic Iranians.

Our yearly film festival takes place in select locations throughout Stockholm and online, during the month of March, in time to celebrate Naw Ruz (wikipedia page for Naw Ruz?) and the first day of Spring.

Make sure to check out our events/news page for our monthly Film Club schedule.

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